© FinDomme Vero Fetish™
© FinDomme Vero Fetish™

FinDomme Vero Fetish

I'm the kind of Woman you only dare to look at, but don't dare to speak too. Beautiful, smart, classy, naturally Dominant & overall a Financial Sadist! A Pro FinDomme, with many years of experience. My Dominance isn't acquired, I'm Dominant!

As a FinDom Goddess... I adore being pampered & spoiled. I love a life full of luxury & all the opulence that's involved with. I enjoy it when hopelessly devoted men worship Me. When I snap with My perfectly manicured fingers all My slaves start running for Me. What this Goddess wants... This Goddess gets!

The only job you have in your pathetic life is to satisfy Me with everything I love, want & need. I'm the only Woman whom you breathe, live & work for. And besides that... your money looks so much better in My hands. So... what are you waiting for... kneel down, submit to My overwhelming perfection & start worshipping!

My Facts & Favorites

Facts about Me: Mostly (dark) blond long hair, strict looking blue/ grey eyes, a Divine tall & slim body with a Dominant appearance. Somewhere end 30's. Located in the Netherlands.

Some of My favorites: Samsung, Philips Hue, Guess, Rituals (The Ritual of Sakura) & white or pink roses.

Twitter Tag: #VeroFetish

* My pictures are turned off on mobile device due safety reasons.

© FinDomme Vero Fetish™